Exchange email hosting: 3 reasons to choose the cloud

Superior reliability, support recognized as advantages of Exchange email hosting

Exchange email hosting is a superior choice for any company that wants to manage its email infrastructure more effectively. Opting for a hosted solution instead of on-premises infrastructure to manage and secure mission-critical email services provides numerous benefits. Over the past few years, it’s become evident that concerns about hosted services (sometimes referred to as “the cloud”) – that it’s not secure, that it’s prone to outages, that it’s not cost-effective – have fallen away. And when it comes to email in particular, investing in Exchange email hosting service offers a variety of advantages vs. traditional on-premises infrastructure.

Exchange email hosting: doing away with downtime

Exchange email hostingOnsite email servers are more susceptible to downtime than hosted servers. Even the difference between 99.5% and 99.999% (“five nines“) availability makes an enormous difference when the timeline is extended over a full year or multiple years.

A business that relies on on-premises servers risks more frequent outages of messaging system availability, leading to lost productivity and snarled communications. A leading Exchange email hosting provider that delivers better than five-nines uptime keeps corporate email services accessible and running smoothly.

Exchange email hosting: freedom from management headaches

Upgrades to email server software, server operating systems, and the supporting hardware/firmware/software ecosystem can be complex and time-consuming. Many companies fall behind schedule, despite being fully aware that a failure to keep email servers updated can cause compatibility and security issues. In contrast, Exchange email hosting service providers ensure that the latest updates are installed immediately to head off potential security and compatibility issues, saving companies time and money in the process.

Exchange email hosting: 24/7 expert maintenance

Email has become so ubiquitous that modern workforces are thrown into disarray when access to email is interrupted. With the proliferation of mobile devices, email is utilized around the clock, so expert support needs to be constantly available. This requirement outstrips the resources of many companies.

Doing without the proper level of support may appear to be a cost-saving measure at first glance, but imposes many opportunity and hidden costs. Instead, leading providers offer 24/7 support with their Exchange email hosting services. With qualified support staff at the ready, any problems are quickly resolved, often before email system users are even aware of an issue.

Illustration courtesy ddpavumba