Dedicated hosted Exchange eliminates unpredictable operating costs

Dedicated hosted Exchange enables businesses to avoid the ongoing unpredictability of costs associated with maintaining mission-critical email systems. Traditionally, many companies have hosted their email systems on their own premises, with the idea that keeping servers and infrastructure physically close ensures cost-effective and convenient management. However, this practice also ensures that the company is responsible for dealing with any unforeseen problems – and bearing any related costs – that may arise. In contrast, dedicated hosted Exchange services provide the full spectrum of Exchange support today’s companies need with a very predictable operating cost; typically a contractually fixed monthly fee.

Dedicated hosted Exchange: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

dedicated hosted exchangeToday’s email systems are faced with a broad range of security, business continuity, and management issues. Issues can develop seemingly without warning and bring productivity to a standstill until they are addressed. Many companies adopt a reactive approach, waiting for problems to occur and then fixing them, rather than predicting and preventing them by focusing on root causes. This is an inefficient and potentially expensive way to operate. Unplanned expenses – for hardware, software, and IT personnel and/or outside consulting services – can result from email system downtime, brownouts, or security vulnerabilities.

Instead, obtaining dedicated hosted Exchange services from a provider that specializes in hosted Microsoft Exchange Server environments puts a company on more reliable footing. Hosting providers focus on preventing problems, rather than simply responding to them.

Dedicated hosted Exchange: unwavering IT support

If a business opts to implement Exchange Server and associated infrastructure onsite, it has two options for IT support. The first is to employ one or more systems administrators who are responsible for deploying, managing, and troubleshooting the email system. The alternative is contracting for third-party IT support. Either approach results in exposure to the risk of unpredictable costs. If an emergency scenario develops, the company may face significant unplanned expenses to protect or restore the functionality of its Exchange Server investment.

But when a company outsources its email needs to a dedicated hosted Exchange provider,  24/7/365 IT support is typically included in the fixed monthly cost. The hosting provider’s qualified engineers configure and deploy Exchange Server and network infrastructure, and perform all management tasks, such as implementing patches and updated. They also wield sophisticated tools to predict and prevent problems, such as real-time server and network monitoring utilities, and advanced intrusion detection systems (IDS). And when issues do arise, they take charge of mitigating and resolving problems, often before email end-users even become aware that something has gone amiss.

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