Business email servers: hosting for extra security

As critical productivity tools, business email servers need strong protection

Business email servers demand high-level protection, which makes a hosted email solution perfect for enterprises of any size. As one of the foundational tools of virtually every business, email is also a prime candidate for security- and performance-related problems. Both internal and external threats can compromise the integrity of a company’s email network, and the nature of this interconnected program can make it easy for an issue to spread. Email issues can cause problems within the business and expand outward, hitting clients and customers. Comprehensive, always-on protection of business email servers is imperative, and a hosted email environment can keep company messaging systems safe, secure and functioning smoothly.

Business email servers: preventing outsider threats

business email serversBusiness email servers from a hosted provider can offer the preventative, proscriptive safeguards that insulate a company from outsider threats. Email has long been a favorite target of hackers, and continued instances in which hackers were able to infiltrate corporate networks via email shows that training and awareness often aren’t enough, according to ITBusinessEdge. Many employees still have trouble identifying malicious emails used in spam attacks or phishing. In one recent study, only 70 percent of enterprise employees could correctly identify that a well-crafted phishing attempt was fake.

Business email servers managed by a hosting provider can utilize special filtration techniques to target the sorts of sophisticated spam and cyberthreat emails that can fool employees and ensure that they don’t make it to inboxes. Additionally, business email servers overseen by a hosting provider are intelligent, easily identifying and stopping emerging threats.

Business email servers: Stopping insider issues

Business email servers can also be configured to stop insider threats. Insider threats generally fall into two categories. The first is intentional problems caused by those inside the company, such as disgruntled or recently terminated employees. These personnel may be able to gain access to servers and wreak havoc. In a business email server system managed by a hosting provider, access to key components can be configured on a granular level to mitigate the possibility that this access could occur.

The second type, which is becoming more problematic, is access through compromised networks and devices, made possible by off-network access on employee-owned devices or through remote connections. A business email server solution can be configured to provide different levels of access to users without sacrificing availability or performance.

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