ZeroLag News Archive

April 2011 » ZeroLag, as a company, celebrates 10 years of providing high performance web hosting.

February 2010 » ZeroLag’s datacenter passes an SAS 70 Type II audit.

January 2009 » ZeroLag again ranked #1 by NetCraft as most reliable hosting company.

October 2008 » ZeroLag ties for world’s most reliable hosting company in Netcraft ratings!

June 2006 » New, stronger spam filters have been deployed.

May 2006 » Brand new Support Site launched.

April 2006 » Central mailserver redundancy and capacity doubled through hardware upgrades.

December 2005 » We have further improved network redundancy by adding HSRP.

March 2005 » We have launched a brand new site design to celebrate our two thousand day uptime! Take a look around and let us know what you think of the new site. We’d love your feedback.

March 2005 » ZeroLag reaches two thousand days of network uptime! Thanks to our top of the line Cisco networking equipment, dedication to stability, and hard-working engineers, we have not seen a network downtime in two thousand days, since the launch of the ZeroLag network.

March 2004 » Our dedicated, centralized backup server, boasting over a terrabyte of storage, is now available for our dedicated hosting clients. Contact your sales rep for details.

August 2003 » No network downtime since our launch in August 1999. Four years of uptime sets an industry leading mark of reliability for a Tier 1 hosting provider.

May 2003 » We’ve been added to the Interchange Hall of Fame for being a notable customer using their shopping cart technology.

April 2003 » Our new Google Dance tracking service lets our customers track the effectiveness of their online promotion!

March 2003 » We have introduced Live Support on our website for all technical and sales questions!

January 2003 » Brand new site design for launched!

December 2002 » launched to provide streamlined support for our customers.

May 2002 » ZeroLag completes acquisition of certain SoftAware hosting clients.

April 2001 » ZeroLag incorporates as ZeroLag Communications, Inc.

August 1999 » ZeroLag goes live, starting its mission to deliver high-quality Internet solutions.