Cloud scalability provides support for business growth

Cloud scalability delivers powerful IT resources without capital investment

Cloud scalability offers many benefits for companies- namely cost efficiency, flexibility, and reliability. Deploying a highly scalable private cloud environment allows companies to quickly and easily upgrade or downgrade IT services as needed. This helps control costs as businesses only have to pay for the resources they use, instead of paying for excess services or resources, just in case they are eventually needed. Read more

Private cloud leveraged to build hybrid cloud solutions

Best-of-breed cloud, dedicated technologies combined to solve challenges

With a managed private cloud, enterprises can specify how virtualized resources are deployed while managed hosting providers take care of infrastructure and services. Such an arrangement is useful for organizations that own on-site data centers but require assistance to improve performance. Read more

Cloud hosting – what does it really mean?

Everyone's talking about the cloud - but do they all agree on what it is?

It seems like everyone is talking about cloud hosting, but does anyone really know what it means? Wikipedia says it “is a term without a commonly accepted unequivocal scientific or technical definition.” Even within the tech industry – and especially among the innovators creating and deploying cloud technology – opinions and ideas about what is and is not “cloud” vary widely and have changed rapidly in a short period of time. Read more

What are the benefits of managed cloud hosting?

Private clouds provide important advantages vs. shared public cloud

Although lower profile in media coverage than commodity public clouds, managed private clouds remain essential for enterprises, which rely on them for granular control over virtual resources and maximum uptime. With managed cloud hosting, businesses can harness the power of the private cloud with help from a managed cloud hosting provider well-versed in security practices and technical troubleshooting. Read more