Managed cloud hosting: right solution for your business?

Small and start-up businesses embrace managed cloud hosting solutions

Managed cloud hosting is the solution many businesses choose when they want the power of private cloud hosting, but need help managing security and troubleshooting. The hosting provider takes care of management responsibilities in a managed cloud hosting environment. Many small businesses and start ups are cash-constrained and don’t have the resources to keep full-time IT staff on the payroll. In these cases, a managed cloud hosting solution can be a great solution, as it is cost-efficient and shifts almost all of the responsibility for managing the hosting environment to the cloud services provider. Read more

Private cloud: top 5 advantages

Private cloud combines benefits of public cloud, dedicated hosting

A private cloud hosting solution can have many advantages over other hosting options. While many businesses — especially start-ups and early stage companies — are resource-limited and need to find cost-effective hosting, they still don’t want to share infrastructure with other users in a public cloud environment. A private cloud implementation allows companies to enjoy many of the same benefits as both dedicated servers and public clouds, but with added advantages. This article takes a look at the top 5 benefits of private cloud implementations, and discusses some of the differences between public and private cloud. Read more

Virtual private servers: best of both worlds for web hosting?

Virtual private servers (VPS) combine benefits of shared and dedicated hosting

Virtual private servers enable companies to stay ahead of today’s digital demands. A robust, highly available web presence is a basic requirement for organizations in most industries, and it’s also a way for companies to separate themselves from the competition. The frontier days of the Internet have passed, taking with them many of the trials, experiments and headaches that stemmed from trying to develop a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and high-performing environment. There are generally acknowledged design and functionality requirements of websites that can help organizations put their best foot forward. On the back end, however, virtual private servers can be essential to organizations requiring support for the optimal deployment of their web efforts. Read more

Managed private cloud solves healthcare IT challenges

Stringent healthcare IT requirements call for managed private cloud solutions

Managed private cloud hosting provides support for many of today’s most demanding sectors, making it an ideal solution for complex healthcare environments. Digital information and connections technology, big data and web-based applications are seeing increased implementation across the healthcare industry. However, the digitization of healthcare makes environments complex to build and manage, and difficult to monitor and secure correctly — especially for organizations that devote most of their budgets to patient care, medical technicians, and research, not IT personnel. Managed private cloud solutions can help address these concerns and enable healthcare organizations to advance their technological abilities. Read more

Cloud hosting vs shared hosting: choose wisely

What to consider when evaluating cloud hosting vs shared hosting

Cloud hosting vs shared hosting – making the choice can be fraught with difficulty. Ultimately, it comes down to what a company needs now and what it plans to need tomorrow. Budgetary concerns are clearly important, but today’s organizations have more options than ever when allocating costs between capital and operating expenditures. Other considerations are growing in prominence in the cloud hosting vs shared hosting debate, however, since more business-critical needs and processes are web-based and digitally focused. Read more