ZeroLag cloud services featured in Dell video

Focus on white glove service and problem solving powers ZeroLag cloud to success

ZeroLag’s capabilities as a leading provider of white glove cloud services are featured in a video produced by the services division of Dell, Inc. As a Dell Cloud Partner, ZeroLag cloud services are offered to Dell’s mid-market and larger customers by Dell sales representatives and consultants. Read more

What is private cloud?

Private cloud is a versatile tool in the IT arsenal of infrastructure solutions

“What is private cloud” is a question that many companies are asking themselves. While public cloud has (mostly) enjoyed its time in the cultural spotlight, its lesser-known cousin, private cloud, has gained traction primarily with in-the-know IT experts. But for the most part, non-IT decision makers do not widely understand what private cloud is or how to use it – crucial barriers that must be overcome if an organization is to make informed decisions about next-generation IT infrastructure. To help answer the question, “what is private cloud?” it’s useful to take a closer look at the different roles private cloud can play in today’s business information environment. Read more

Private cloud hosting: three advantages

Private cloud offers valuable benefits vs. public cloud for mission-critical apps, data

Private cloud hosting doesn’t get as much notice as public cloud, but it plays a very important role in corporate IT strategies. While public clouds are utilized by many businesses to ease increased hardware, information management, and efficiency concerns brought on by rising demand for applications and data, private cloud hosting offers many advantages not present in public cloud platforms. It’s important for enterprises to understand the differences between these services in order to make the right choice for their various system, security, and spending needs. Read more

Why a private cloud environment is best for data storage

63% of companies prefer private cloud environment for data storage

A private cloud environment offers the most flexible and secure solution for storing sensitive data. While numerous platforms have challenged the private cloud’s spot for the preferred solution for data storage, they fall short of the customization and security that a private cloud environment offers. It remains the dominant enterprise choice, with 63% of companies preferring private cloud over just using public software-as-a-service for storage, according to a recent CTERA Networks survey. Organizations concerned about the constant threat of data theft are concentrating their storage needs in private cloud environments in order to maintain better visibility and cut down on potential network weaknesses. Read more

4 advantages of custom cloud hosting

Custom cloud hosting delivers benefits not available in public cloud

Custom cloud hosting can help companies overcome challenges to a cloud-centric business model. While the first wave of cloud adoption and its array of accompanying security concerns is firmly in the rearview mirror, issues like data protection and management continue to prove hindrances to cloud investment. Many companies’ view of their cloud choices is limited to public and private, with a little hybrid cloud thrown in for good measure. Regarding cloud computing as only coming in three arrangements, however, does a disservice to the vast menu of options a company can benefit from, if it only knows where to look. A custom cloud hosting provider offers organizations the chance to design clouds specific to their needs. Here are four advantages of choosing a custom cloud hosting solution.

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