Managed VPS hosting: 3 types of businesses that can benefit

Managed VPS hosting, or managed virtual private server hosting, is a great choice for companies deploying applications or web sites that require computing resources and control which exceed the capacity of shared hosting, but aren’t yet ready to make the leap to a dedicated server. Managed VPS hosting provides capabilities which approach those of dedicated servers, but at a significantly lower monthly cost. Here’s a look at three types of businesses which may find managed VPS hosting to be a perfect fit. Read more

Dedicated managed server hosting plays key role in big data analytics success

Dedicated managed server hosting can be incredibly valuable to any organization looking to ramp up investment in big data analytics. This game-changing technology is still in the midst of a meteoric rise, and as big data finds more applications in sectors as diverse as healthcare, commerce, and entertainment, it appears the utility of big data is virtually without limits.

The constraints that could end up curtailing the effectiveness of big data analytics are mostly related to IT infrastructure. Storing petabytes of data and running complex business intelligence applications imposes strenuous demands on information infrastructure. Accurate predictions of future infrastructure needs are extremely difficult as organizations blaze new trails on the big data frontier, charting territory which has never been explored. But dedicated managed server hosting can play a key role when it comes to expanding big data analytics architecture, and frees businesses to focus their efforts on analysis and implementation of insights gained, rather than maintaining IT infrastructure. Read more

Secure managed hosting: 3 security features to look for in a managed hosting provider

Cyber attacks, physical threats addressed by secure managed hosting

Secure managed hosting offers a protective security perimeter for a business’s vital applications and data. Cyber attacks continue to rise in number and intensity, threatening the information technology foundations upon which modern businesses are built. As IT environments grow, the number of vulnerabilities through which hackers and other malicious agents can surreptitiously enter information infrastructure multiplies. But leading providers of secure managed hosting can help organizations shore up their defenses against these risks.  Read more

How managed servers accelerate business development

Managed servers make companies more efficient by providing a customized, flexible, and scalable source of on-demand IT support. From intranet applications to customer-facing online stores, speed is key to success. Managed servers are a stable foundation upon which an organization can grow rapidly, and a continuous source of support when business models kick into overdrive. Whether a company is an early stage start-up or a well established entity launching a new initiative, the capabilities of managed servers can help drive business development to the next level. Read more

Managed servers: the art of problem-solving

Managed servers ensure performance, reliability, and security of IT infrastructure

Managed servers don’t just alleviate current problems for businesses – this critical solution can provide support in the face of issues still on the horizon. The pace and proliferation of enterprise storage and security needs continue to expand, and it’s inevitable that for many companies, on-site resources will not be sufficient to address all IT problems that arise. By investing in managed servers, organizations gain access to problem-solving solutions for server hardware, operating systems, networking and Internet connectivity, performance, reliability, security, and even compliance challenges, all of which are factors which can threaten the functionality of mission-critical applications and data. Read more