Magento web hosting secrets revealed

Wait, are there really any Magento web hosting secrets to reveal? Here at ZeroLag, we’ve published numerous resources covering a variety of Magento web hosting topics, including a whitepaper on how to optimize Magento web hosting to improve sales and customer satisfaction, an infographic on SEO for Magento, and many Magento-specific blog posts on issues of interest to online merchants. So after all that, what more can be said on the topic?

Well, you might be surprised. We love talking about Magento, and it seems like there is always something more to share. Today, we’re bringing you 5 “secrets” we’ve learned about Magento web hosting that we thought you should know. Read more

Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 Released

New Magento EE release continues innovation streak of leading e-commerce platform

Magento announced today the release of Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1. This latest version of Magento is packed with new features and functionality, continuing the spirit of innovation that has helped propel Magento into the enviable position as the web’s #1 e-commerce platform. What hasn’t changed with this release is Magento’s focus on equipping merchants with powerful tools to create unique shopping experiences for online customers. Merchants upgrading to Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 benefit from powerful new merchandising capabilities and responsive design tools that boost conversion rates and revenue generation. Read more

Free Magento theme; benefits and where to find one

A free Magento theme can serve as a blueprint to e-commerce success

A free Magento theme might be something you’re considering to give your established Magento e-commerce site a facelift, or if you are just getting started with Magento. The appearance of your web site is important, after all. Consumers want interesting, enjoyable online shopping experiences. Drab, dull, or outdated-looking e-commerce sites can turn off potential customers, who are much less likely to make a purchase if a site doesn’t look and feel “right.” So it’s crucial to fulfill prospective customers’ expectations as to how your e-commerce site should look. Read more

Is it time to upgrade Magento to Enterprise Edition?

Wondering if the time is right to upgrade Magento to Enterprise Edition? While Magento Community Edition offers an incredible set of features — and without licensing fees because it’s open-source — Enterprise Edition takes Magento to the next level. For merchants looking to enhance the capabilities of their their current Magento e-commerce site, or concerned about keeping up with the competition, anytime can be right time to upgrade Magento to Enterprise Enterprise Edition. Read more

Magento e-commerce: who’s using it?

A closer look at Magento; the world's leading e-commerce platform

Magento e-commerce is one of the leading platforms for high-performance online store development, but many merchants still wonder if it’s right for them. As with virtually everything else in the tech industry these days, e-commerce platform development is a crowded field, with many software developers competing for users and trying to carve out a distinct space for their product in the marketplace. Merchants looking for a platform to facilitate cost-effective e-commerce site development and operation may not have the time or resources to conduct an exhaustive survey of all available options. That’s why they typically start with a short list of popular e-commerce platforms and quickly narrow down the candidates to one or two serious contenders. When conducting this type of comparison, it can be very helpful to examine how successful the target platforms have been at attracting and retaining merchants. Read more