How Exchange hosting reduces costs and risks

Exchange hosting provides superior email scalability and reliability

Although Exchange hosting services are increasingly being adopted by organizations of all sizes, a white paper from Integra reveals that of 360 million Exchange mailboxes worldwide in 2011, more than 3 out of 4 were hosted on-premises.

Microsoft Exchange continues to be the premier business messaging system since it provides organizations of all sizes with a rich range of email, contact management, and calendar tools. Other capabilities like wireless synchronization have future-proofed it, making it ideal for increasingly mobile workplaces. Read more

Hosted Exchange benefits companies of all sizes

7 great benefits of hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange services are being adopted by a growing number of companies. Once perceived as a solution appropriate mostly for smaller organizations, Exchange hosting is gaining popularity with even very large enterprises which formerly invested in sophisticated and expensive on-premises Exchange infrastructure deployments.

Regardless of the size of your organization, a hosted Exchange implementation can offer significant benefits which must be carefully evaluated by IT decision makers. Here is a brief look at seven of the most compelling arguments in favor of hosted Exchange services. Read more