Hosted Exchange server: dedicated server advantages

Scalability, security drive dedicated hosted Exchange server adoption

Hosted Exchange server solutions help organizations exert more control over the security and management of their email systems, while simultaneously reigning in costs. Microsoft Exchange-based on-premises email support systems are more susceptible to downtime and require ongoing management which exceeds the capabilities of most companies’ in-house IT departments. Business email systems need 24/7/365 expert support to provide uninterrupted functionality and prevent lost team productivity due to outages or security issues. Read more

Exchange email hosting: 3 reasons to choose the cloud

Superior reliability, support recognized as advantages of Exchange email hosting

Exchange email hosting is a superior choice for any company that wants to manage its email infrastructure more effectively. Opting for a hosted solution instead of on-premises infrastructure to manage and secure mission-critical email services provides numerous benefits. Over the past few years, it’s become evident that concerns about hosted services (sometimes referred to as “the cloud”) – that it’s not secure, that it’s prone to outages, that it’s not cost-effective – have fallen away. And when it comes to email in particular, investing in Exchange email hosting service offers a variety of advantages vs. traditional on-premises infrastructure. Read more

Hosted Exchange services improve business communication

Migrating to hosted Exchange services helps optimizes staff productivity

Hosted Exchange services can help businesses struggling with communication issues. Email plays a vital role in business collaboration and information sharing – according to a recent survey by V1, 88 percent of IT and finance professionals think that email is the best form of exchanging business information. With paper communication on the way out and a more mobile workforce making real-time interaction over long distances imperative, some organizations struggle to centralize their communications. Hosted Exchange services can help ease this burden. Read more

Hosted Exchange services reduce email risks

Proliferation of phishing attacks and malware calls for hosted Exchange services

Hosted Exchange services provide reliable security in the face of ever-present threats to business email systems. With so much business and personal correspondence passing through inboxes, email continues to be highly targeted by cyber criminals. Several sophisticated threats recently uncovered by web security professionals serve as a reminder of the potential risks of corporate email.

Hosted Exchange services help target the common thread in many email-based cyber-security issues – less-than-perfect user activity. The ubiquity of email can breed complacency and cause businesses to relax their guard. At the same time, convenience and productivity are high priorities in corporate environments, so affixing cumbersome safeguards to email usage is objectionable. Hosted Exchange services provide a best-in-class combination of tough security and user convenience. Read more

Exchange hosting facilitates increasingly mobile workforce

BYOD trend drives growing need for Exchange hosting solutions

Exchange hosting can help companies support a workforce that does more than half of their emailing from mobile devices. As BYOD (bring your own device) policies and mobile devices become more common in the workplace, businesses must ensure that staff can connect to secure company networks to access email, at any time and from anywhere. Organizations that lack sufficient infrastructure for email storage and full support for mobile devices are creating obstacles to team communication, collaboration, and productivity. Opting for outsourced Exchange hosting provides state-of-the-art support for email communications for organizations of all sizes. Read more