Hosted Exchange solves SMB email security, compliance

Why SMBs look to hosted Exchange to alleviate email system vulnerabilities

Hosted Exchange service can provide small and medium-sized businesses with critical email security and IT support to satisfy compliance mandates. Even though SMBs have smaller networks and user bases than large companies and enterprises, they are frequently subject to the same industry and federal compliance standards as their bigger peers. Read more

4 ways hosting Microsoft Exchange improves business communications

Hosting Microsoft Exchange services can make enterprise communications more productive and cost-effective. The average office worker spends about two and a half hours on work-related email every day, according to a 2012 McKinsey Global Institute report – that’s 81 working days a year. While email is a staple of virtually every company’s communication system, there are ways to make it more productive. Not all of them involve clever strategies for cleaning out your inbox – there are some systematic ways to improve your corporate email system. One of these — hosting Microsoft Exchange with a third-party provider — can immediately benefit your communication efficiency in several ways. Read more

Hosting Exchange Server: spam-free, productive, secure

Three benefits of hosting Exchange Server with a qualified hosting provider

Hosting Exchange Server can help organizations avoid the most pernicious and unproductive threats to their email systems. Exchange hosting enables companies to better manage their all-important email systems and avoid common communication and productivity hazards in the process. Most organizations have dealt with email snafus which have negatively impacted productivity or even security. Because businesses have become so dependent on email, even the slightest email system hiccup tends to cause angst for both staff and customers. Read more

Hosted business email: 4 security benefits

Hosted business email offers enhanced cyber threat protection

Hosted business email enables organizations to rise above the fray of common email security issues. Corporate email systems are a favorite target of hackers seeking usernames and passwords which can be used to penetrate and compromise other critical business information systems, confidential information such as social security numbers and banking info, plus valuable intellectual property and trade secrets. With hosted business email services, companies can take advantage of powerful safeguards to shield their corporate email systems from cyber threats.

Here are four security-related benefits of hosted business email solutions. Read more

Dedicated hosted Exchange eliminates unpredictable operating costs

Dedicated hosted Exchange enables businesses to avoid the ongoing unpredictability of costs associated with maintaining mission-critical email systems. Traditionally, many companies have hosted their email systems on their own premises, with the idea that keeping servers and infrastructure physically close ensures cost-effective and convenient management. However, this practice also ensures that the company is responsible for dealing with any unforeseen problems – and bearing any related costs – that may arise. In contrast, dedicated hosted Exchange services provide the full spectrum of Exchange support today’s companies need with a very predictable operating cost; typically a contractually fixed monthly fee. Read more