5 reasons why managing your own email system is a waste of resources

Everyone agrees that email systems are mission-critical to just about every business.  Email is relied upon for the majority of communication and file sharing that occurs at most organizations.  If there is an email system outage, every department instantly knows about it.

However, most organizations use email exactly the same way. Their users want to communicate, manage contacts, and update calendars. There is nothing proprietary to how the system is deployed. Yet they spend an incredible amount of time and money managing the service.

Instead, almost all companies would be better off outsourcing their email systems. Here are five reasons why managing your own email system is a waste of resources: Read more

Microsoft Exchange hosting: it’s not just about email

Mention Microsoft Exchange hosting and the first thing that comes to mind is email – but it’s so much more than that. Microsoft Exchange is the world’s leading business communication and collaboration tool, and has helped millions of companies across all industries build employee productivity ecosystems.

Given the mission-critical role Exchange plays, choosing the optimal foundation to support it is essential. Leading Microsoft Exchange hosting providers offer solutions which eliminate the need for capital-intensive on-premises deployments of Exchange, and bundle access to their Exchange-optimized infrastructure with expert support from system administrators who are qualified and experienced in managing all aspects of Microsoft Exchange hosting environments. Read more

Hosted Exchange servers: the productivity investment that pays

Hosted Exchange servers help companies make email an integral aspect of business productivity. Because email is ubiquitous in today’s workplace, it is so taken for granted that it is often overlooked when it comes to identifying opportunities to implement next-generation capabilities. With hosted Exchange servers, businesses of all sizes can obtain state-of-the-art tools to protect and enhance workforce communication and collaboration. Read more

Mail hosting: banishing spam for good

Premium spam filtration technology eradicates spam from employee inboxes

Mail hosting can help organizations eradicate spam from employee inboxes, reducing aggravation and enhancing productivity. Spam still makes up the vast majority of emails – 69.8% of all email in 2013, according to ZDNet. While that number represents a slight decrease from 2012, evidence suggests spam techniques are growing more sophisticated, with more spammers working to make their messages closely mimic legitimate email. As even one spam email accidentally opened could lead to compromised computers, networks, and data, it’s criticial that businesses employ effective spam filtering tactics. Mail hosting solutions offered by leading managed hosting providers incorporate a number of proven spam filtration methods that can keep enterprise inboxes clean and safe. Read more

How Outlook Web Access boosts business efficiency

OWA eliminates software licensing, support costs, plus end-user and IT headaches

Outlook Web Access has a direct positive impact on the communication effectiveness of a company’s staff. Communication is everything, with team members in all roles and at all levels expected to read and respond to email virtually around-the-clock and from almost anywhere. A reliable and highly accessible corporate email system, such as Microsoft Exchange Server, is a must — even for small companies. The advantages of Exchange Server over various open-source email systems are numerous, which is one reason why Exchange has long been considered the gold standard for business email systems. But one of the traditional drawbacks of Exchange — the requirement that users connect to it with the Outlook personal information manager, available only for Windows PCs and MacOS  — has been eliminated by the availability of a web-based client, Outlook Web Access (also called Outlook Web App or OWA). Read more