5 reasons why managing your own email system is a waste of resources

Everyone agrees that email systems are mission-critical to just about every business.  Email is relied upon for the majority of communication and file sharing that occurs at most organizations.  If there is an email system outage, every department instantly knows about it.

However, most organizations use email exactly the same way. Their users want to communicate, manage contacts, and update calendars. There is nothing proprietary to how the system is deployed. Yet they spend an incredible amount of time and money managing the service.

Instead, almost all companies would be better off outsourcing their email systems. Here are five reasons why managing your own email system is a waste of resources: Read more

Magento web hosting secrets revealed

Wait, are there really any Magento web hosting secrets to reveal? Here at ZeroLag, we’ve published numerous resources covering a variety of Magento web hosting topics, including a whitepaper on how to optimize Magento web hosting to improve sales and customer satisfaction, an infographic on SEO for Magento, and many Magento-specific blog posts on issues of interest to online merchants. So after all that, what more can be said on the topic?

Well, you might be surprised. We love talking about Magento, and it seems like there is always something more to share. Today, we’re bringing you 5 “secrets” we’ve learned about Magento web hosting that we thought you should know. Read more

Microsoft Exchange hosting: it’s not just about email

Mention Microsoft Exchange hosting and the first thing that comes to mind is email – but it’s so much more than that. Microsoft Exchange is the world’s leading business communication and collaboration tool, and has helped millions of companies across all industries build employee productivity ecosystems.

Given the mission-critical role Exchange plays, choosing the optimal foundation to support it is essential. Leading Microsoft Exchange hosting providers offer solutions which eliminate the need for capital-intensive on-premises deployments of Exchange, and bundle access to their Exchange-optimized infrastructure with expert support from system administrators who are qualified and experienced in managing all aspects of Microsoft Exchange hosting environments. Read more

How dedicated servers can benefit your company

Dedicated servers give businesses the option to cost-effectively outsource IT infrastructure management and re-allocate in-house IT resources to initiatives which wield greater leverage over rivals and profits. Companies today must move increasingly faster, whether it’s to gain a foothold in a new market or to quickly adapt to seemingly overnight changes in the competitive landscape. Organizations impeded by outdated and/or undermanaged information infrastructure will pay the price, measured in lost opportunities to innovate and grow.

Whether building big data capabilities or rolling out a promising new application, infrastructure restraints can be a barrier separating companies from success. But with outsourced dedicated servers, these obstacles are cleared away.

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